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All T-Shirts and sweatshirts are durable, pre-washed cotton and are made to last. All artwork and logos are hand-drawn and eye-checked to ensure a quality imprint is made - FRB needs all the help he can to look his best on your back! And, as a bonus to all purchases made on-line, FRB ensures to personally wear every item for a minimum of 24 hours to give the clothing that stone-washed, pre-worn look!

How to Order

Ordering is a simple, five-step process: (1) Review the available products on the catalog pages; (2) add items to your shopping cart during your shopping spree; (3) check out after filling up your cart with all the goodies; (4) fill in all the necessary shipping, billing and payment information; and (5) submit your order. You will receive an order receipt on-line, as well as in your e-mail box.

Shipping and Taxes

New York State residents will be required to pay a 7% sales tax. Sorry about that. Shipping charges are standard UPS two-day air charges; however, please allow 3-5 days for processing and shipping. We will make every effort to get the goods to you sooner, but manual is as manual does. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your order has finished processing and is ready to ship. You will be notified of any expected delays within two days after receiving your order.


Credit cards, money orders and checks are the only acceptable methods of payment at this time. Personal checks will require three days for verification.

Clothing Warranty

We honor all clothing manufacturers warranties that we use to affix the FRB logo and artwork. Check the label on the clothing item to obtain the original manufacturer. Most manufacturers have web sites listing their specific warranty information.

FRB Sportswear Privacy and Security Notice

Now it's time for the fine print, although FRB Sportswear believes you can put your bifocals away because you have nothing to fear.FRB Sportswear has not, or will not, under any circumstances, share, trade, or sell any of your Personal Information to consumer-hawking, blood-thirsty vendors. In fact, FRB Sportswear would never compromise any of our already razor-thin scruples by providing your Personal Information to anyone at any time. We really don't want to collect your Personal Information, but we have to in order to get at the one attribute that really matters - your money! Unfortunately, we have to collect a bare minimum of essential information so we can process your orders and get you the goods. Oh well, as they say in France, "Ces't la pool."

What kind of Personal Information does FRB collect?

The main piece of information we collect for on-line orders is your credit card, including: name, number, expiration date. We only collect a small amount of additional information, such as address, to make sure you're the card holder. We use your e-mail address as a username for your FRB account. We collect phone numbers and shipping address because shipping companies need to know where to deliver packages and who to contact should something go wrong. Finally, our shipping invoices only contain the last four digits of your credit card in the shipping package.

Where does FRB store my Personal Information?

FRB places your Personal Information in a single dark, cavernous place called the catacomb... Let's just say that it is kept under several layers of well-built web server, operating system, and database security. It is not scattered among multiple computers. Credit card information is further protected using strong encryption techniques to act as another line of defense. FRB works hard with our Internet Presence Professionals to continuously evaluate and update security procedures.What's the deal with Cookies?We did it all for the cookie. Actually, the only reason for using cookies on our site is to help maintain account information as you shop. Cookies help maintain session information as you browse the store and place items in your cart. That's it. We do not use cookies to track your return visits (if you can even stomach a trip back) or to track where you came from. Our site is not a free passport for big firms, big brother or Big Bill. We only care about your time spent with FRB and his vast inventory of gear. You can turn cookies off if you want to, it won't stunt your shopping spree. However, if you do leave the store while logged into your account, make sure to log out first or quit out of your browser. You don't want someone to sit down after you and accidentally access your account information.

Return Policy

FRB Sportswear will credit you for any item returned, unused, in original packing material postmarked within 30 days of online purchase. Items must be in new condition, ready to be resold again. Pack item(s) up and ship back with a copy of your original invoice and a short note describing the reasons for return. Mark the return label with the following information:

Returns Department
ATTN: Original Order Number
FRB Sportswear, LLC
77 Clinton Street
Apt. #B-11
New York Mills, New York 13417

You are responsible for all freight charges unless we made the shipping mistake. Once the returned items have arrived and everything checks out, we will promptly credit your account in the same manner you paid for the order (i.e., credit card, check, or money order). If you have any questions before returning, please send us an e-mail at the following address:

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